Being an Employee versus Being a Frelancer: Pros and Cons

Being an Employee versus Being a Frelancer: Pros and Cons

“For the self-employed or to work complete time?” The question is very simple; but the answer is not much.

Will you change your current job for a career high pay online? It depends on; many people prefer stability and consistency i.e. a fixed salary, a precise timetable, a work environment. Those who prefer not to have these things prefer to work independently. Freelancers are not bound by employment agreements and can work whenever they want.

If you work in the innovative field, does it makes more sense to take a personal work or to offer your services independently? In view of this, most people would probably say to take a personal position, citing more safety at work if you have a steady paycheck coming. Building the decision to work independently also has clear advantages, and you should wisely consider your choices before making the decision.

Freelancer Vs Employee

  1. Working hours

It can be an advantage to a freelancer as they can work at any time. It gets to choose his own hours. But the employees have to work 9-5, and then they can do whatever they want. In between they can’t take any break.

working shift

  1. Clients and Customers

When you work for someone else, do not give the option to work with. You can get stuck with unprofessional or rude customers. However, when you are a freelancer, you can choose the clients to work with. But, you are now in charge of the investigation of all their customers and projects.

3. Work environment

If you prefer consistency or shake things up when it move towards your work environment, you can choose to work where you want, as a freelancer you can decide to work at a local cafe or while on vacation in Europe. No longer had to stick in an office or even at home. You can find a place that works better. You could work in a park, in the library or lounge while you are using your pajama

4. Boss Intervention

As a freelancer, you don’t have to answer to anyone but your customers and yourself. Nobody hangs over you or micromanage you. You are open to doing whatsoever you want, whenever you want.

be your own boss: Frelancing

5. Profits

It can be beneficial in both the cases. As a freelancer, you no longer have to work for a fixed fee, regardless of the size of the projects are that complete. Now, get to assign or keep all the profits of the projects and the clients. This offers you the free choice to then use that money to advance yourself and expand your business. On the contrary as an Employee, you have a steady income, that also is an advantage as some people like to know the exact payment to be received in a job.

6. Employer Benefits

Health benefits are costly. Depending on your current health, switching to the lifestyle independent might not be in your top interest. Also, beginning your own self-determining business means that there is no paid sick days or holiday time to use. Every day you do not work is that they are not paid day.


When you are making an allowance for freelance vs. permanent employee, there are merits and demerits of both the models work. Freelance deals with the flexibility and the opportunity to work on the variety of the projects while the permanent place can provide the steady income and possibly the profits plan. No one model is right for everyone, and the best option for you may be diverse, reliant on wherever you are in your career and what may be your family and other duties.

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