How to Clear specific skill test on upwork and freelancer

How to Clear specific skill test on upwork and freelancer

To pass  a particular skill test isn’t easy to learn. One of our professors said to us: You have the lifetime to study, but only 6 months to approve the tests. So, concentrate on understanding what your examiner want.

Let’s sum them up as the top tips to remember before appearing for a specific skill test on upwork and freelancer

  1. No limiting belief, please

Get rid of the restrictive belief that you can’t pass. By lowering the confidence in you, you can never achieve your goal. Before starting the test only, you will fail. Always think positive that you will pass the exam. Once you are self-confident, then no exam will be too challenging for you to clear.

  1. Familiarization with the syllabus

One should be completely aware of the syllabus for the specific skill you are giving the exam. He/she should be known to each and every pin point of the course or the skill. Always keeping up with the curriculum as soon as it was announced. Be careful about the curriculum and not ignore any subject. For instance : The PHP developer should have complete knowledge of the functions and the programming skills related to the PHP or As in the case of content writer, he/she should have strong English grammar skills, imagination, and a good vocabulary.

  1. Resources

Before starting the exam, the candidate should be ready with all the resources required for the exam. It can be anything from the pens and the papers to any of the modern technology devices such as a calculator, software or tools (joystick, mouse). Prepare mentally also on the basic questions that will be asked during the exam related to your skill.

  1. Exam practice

Practice mock exam and be your own judge. Take any previous paper related to the skill in the time allocated in the exam and solve it as a mock exam before the actual exam. See how you are acting in the mock exam and be honest to yourself. Practice makes you more perfect for the 100% result.

5.Tricks and shortcuts

Learn tricks, shortcuts, memory techniques, so as to answer the tests papers in an easy and proficient manner on the day of the exam. For example, the web designer should have the proper knowledge of the awareness of usability and should be up to date with the web accessibility guidelines. As these are the two factors that web designer are expected to have.

  1. Avoid getting distracted

Before taking the exam, remove every distracting things from your surroundings, such as mobiles, games, ipods or ipads. Moreover, try to be alone and focussed on the exam during the exam. This will help you in concentrating more on the exam. Taking an example of the programmar, he has to be very specific with the logics and the rules of the language. If he has full concentration towards work, he can do work with more speed and accuracy.


These are certain useful tips for clearing the exams on the freelance or the Up work. For more information on freelancing visit

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